Danelene O'Flynn is a versatile, professional actor with extensive experience in both film and television.  She has trained at reputable studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Australia and her greatest passion is giving a voice to people's intimate stories.  When not on set she is also busy behind the scenes ;)

Danelene was born in Vancouver, left as a baby and grew up in Australia and California.  She has now lived in Toronto, Canada for over a decade.  Danelene's love of acting started as a young girl where her passion for the arts was fostered in acting and dance, although her path forward was not a straight line.  After studying Psych & Economics in Uni for a time, she got the travel bug before graduating.  She left Aus to travel Europe and Canada, ending up in Vancouver and (for a stint) owned a coffee house.  


Upon her return to the arts she explored the other side of the camera -as a producer/field director on award winning/nominated projects in documentary and fiction for a number of years.  


Now, and over the last couple years she is thrilled to have returned to her first love as an actor, becoming known for her work as the shattered principal in Red Fish (2017), the quirky wife in Argos (2018), the overworked, single mother in Penny Foster (2018), the relentless detective in See No Evil (2019), as well as in a number of commercials.