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Danelene O’Flynn is an actor based in Toronto, Canada of Irish/Australian decent.  She is known for her versatile, passionate work in roles such as the shattered principal in Red Fish (2017), the quirky wife in Argos (2018), the overworked, single mother in Penny Foster (2018), the relentless detective in See No Evil (2019), as well as in a number of commercials.  Catch her upcoming quirky actor role in the new feature A Priceless Love (2022), airing soon.


Danelene currently trains at the Pro Actor's Lab and has trained throughout the years at LB Studio, CTAS, and the Actor’s Foundry in Toronto, as well as studios in Vancouver and completed Trinity College London Drama Examinations (Honours) early on in Australia.  She studied at George Brown College (Film and Television Production), as well as Psychology | Economics for a time at James Cook University in Australia (she dropped out early to travel/backpack).  


Growing up in a few countries, Danelene was brought up by many different families + cultures due to circumstances.  She was on her own young and learned to adapt quickly.  She now sees these experiences as gifts that shaped her as an adult and enriched her senses as an actor and storyteller.  

Danelene worked in broadcast Film/TV on the production side on award winning/nominated projects in documentary and fiction for years prior to acting.  Currently, in addition to acting, she continues to work on a smaller scale as a producer | director in documentary with Saoirse Films and Visual Impact Docs, as well as continued volunteer work with AWO (refugees and new immigrants) using her skills to help facilitate storytelling practices within the community through art, theatre installations and documentation through film.

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